The Top 3 Exercises for Losing Weight

There is no alternative to losing weight and keeping it off then to commit to a healthy lifestyle which includes regular exercise and healthy dieting.

The proper balance of diet and exercise is the foundation of an ideal weight and optimal physical conditions. Regular exercise maintains a healthy metabolism and that helps to regulate the storage of fat as well.

So if you have begun to feel a bit out of shape and like some exercise would be in order, then it’s time to pull out your sports shoes, put on the work out clothes and prepare to sweat, but just a bit and so it’s healthy.

It is important to remember that if you have not been exercising for a while, begin slowly and go at your own pace. don’t expect to drop all the pounds on your first week, the long lasting results will be gained when you have committed for several months.

1. Walking

There is hardly a better way to stay healthy, drop pounds and also see the city or countryside around the place you live. This low impact exercise will not strain your joints or ligaments like other high impact sports and exercise activities will. You could even do some plyometric ( exercises to boost your fitness at home.

Best of all there are no gym membership or guilt invoking trainers to face each day, just you the road or dirt path and the results you are committed to cultivating. Depending on the weight of the walker, walking at 5 MPH will help burn around 8 calories in a minute, so how many will you be burning today?

step machine

2. Cycling

Want another low impact activity that can offer the greatest vistas and health benefits known to man? Try cycling, this active sport can burn as much as 1,100 calories in an hour, at the top end. The best thing is that the results are adaptable.

Unlike running which can be difficult for those who have gone through extended periods of inactivity and is hard on the joints, cycling can be done by just about any one. Pretty soon instead of a couple of laps around the block you will be biking to the edge of town and maybe even the next town — can I hear Tour De France?

If you live within biking distance of your work, don’t waste time commuting take the healthiest transportation option on the market and get healthy.

3. Swimming

Another great way to begin your journey to greater health is by taking the plunge; into a pools, beach, lake or swimming hole. Swimming is a low impact activity that can help you burn anywhere from 400 to 700 calories in a single hour.

It is particularly beneficial to those who have a difficult time exercising for specific reasons, especially the aged and arthritic, the child bearing and the very heavy. Swimming can help to address just about every muscle system and is great for toning and shaping the body.
And don’t even worry about “knowing how to swim”, if you can get yourself from one end of the pool to the other and back, you’re doing great and getting exercise.

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What Are The Main Health Benefits Of Running?

While any form of exercise is better than nothing, some activities are more beneficial than others. One of the best things you can do if you want to get in shape and improve your strength and stamina is simply to go for a run. Once you understand the main health benefits of running, you will see why this is such a great idea.

If you are trying to lose weight, or even just avoid putting on weight, going for a jog is a great idea. Not only does running help you burn more calories, but your body will continue to use calories at an elevated rate for some time after you have finished your run.

People who exercise regularly burn more calories when they are at rest than those who do not. You do not even have to go at a particularly fast pace to enjoy this benefit. Just run a little bit faster than usual to burn the most calories.

Running also helps to improve your mood. Regular exercise is one of the most effective mood-enhancers out there. Even a single, 30-minute jog can be enough to jolt you out of your funk so that you start to feel better. (You can track your runs with a GPS watch, check out reviews at

In addition, if you exercise frequently, you will be less likely to become anxious or depressed in the first place. People who are active are less likely to suffer from mood swings and generally reporting have more upbeat and positive feelings about the world.

You might worry that running is bad for your knees and joints. However, despite the conventional wisdom, it actually turns out that the opposite is true. Not only is there no evidence that running is particularly hard on your knees, but some studies have found that it can actually make them stronger.

Several long-term studies have looked at runners, and these have found that they suffer knee problems at a lower rate than the general population. In addition, running helps to increase bone mass so that you are less prone to bone loss as you age. It can also make you less likely to develop osteoarthritis in the future.

As you can see, there are quite a few health benefits to be had when you run on a regular basis. You do not have to train for a marathon to enjoy these advantages. Even a half-hour a day can be enough to help you feel your best.

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Having Fun With Our Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

So we knew it wouldn’t take long before one of us bought one of these and it was of course Jill who did it. She went onto Amazon 2 days ago and bought one of these cool office ball chairs. The one she bought was made by a company called Gaiam who are apparently the best makers of these products.

It was delivered this morning and her face lit up when she took it out of the box. The ball is separate and you just need to put it into the chair part where it attaches. You then sit on the ball and continue to get on with your work. Jill has been on it for a few hours now and says she can feel the difference already.

office ball chair

The way they work is that you are constantly balancing on top of the ball, so your core body is always engaged. So in actual fact you are working out without even realizing it. Not saying Jill needs the exercise but she seems delighted with the product and already talking about buying one for her home.

She chose a black one to match the office but you can buy them in 6 different colors which is great if you want to mix things up (office ball chair: consumer review). Paul is already thinking about buying a red one because that is his favorite color of course. They cost about $80 which actually isn’t anymore expensive than a regular office chair, so that is a big benefit.

The ball itself is quite large at 52 cms and it comes with a pump so you can pump it up to the right size. It only took Jill a few minutes to get it all setup this morning and no screwdrivers were necessary!

We’ll see how things go with this one but we could all soon be sat on them as they do appear to have good health benefits and are relatively cheap considering.

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HIV & Health Matters

Welcome to HIV & Health Matters.

Our aim is to discuss all HIV and how it effects our health. We will also share other tips on health and fitness in general.

Many people don’t like to discuss HIV but we feel the world is better when things aren’t kept hidden away. You should be able to discuss any worries or fears you may have. That is our main goal with our website.

We hope you enjoy your time here and be sure to bookmark us and come back often as we aim to post weekly with more great tips.

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